Fresh Suggestions To Help You Craft A Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is where you are given two subjects and are asked to provide both the similarities and the differences. You may hear people saying that crafting such an essay is not an easy task. That may be true or false depending on what you believe. The following are some if the tips that will help you come up with a one of a kind essay that will leave your markers mouth wide open.

Understand the question

What does the question ask you to do? You will realize that most people fail just because they did not take some time to keenly go through the question. If you interpret the question wrongly, you will definitely miss all the marks that come with content and may be lucky to get a few regarding the structure. Tat is why I would advice that each student should at least read the question like three times and note the keywords. The key words that are mostly used are compare and contrast, give the similarities between and so on. Visit the top ten essay writing services and once you are sure that you know what the question wants you to do then you are good to go.


Here is a secret I would love to let you know. There is no way, you can coke up with an exemplary comparative essay if you do not read. You need points and not rumors to craft your paper and there is no place you can get these similarities and differences if not in your books or the Internet. Make it a habit to always read before you own down an essay. This way, points will flow and you will make the essay writing process to be worth remembering.

Make an outline

This helps you to plan for your work. You can choose to write it the old fashioned way by using bullets or rather use sticky notes then decides which ones comes first. Whatever the case, do not forget to craft an outline as this is what will help you save time since you will not think and write at the same time.. You can also make a table with comparisons in you outline. Get this information from essay writing services.

Choose a thesis statement

I like to think of this as the backbone of your custom essay since this is where you base your essay on. The thesis should explain why you chose to work on those two subjects. It may be because there are visible differences that could be ignored or any other reason. Whatever the case, it should at least occupy one line.

The topic

A good topic should have three properties. It should be doable, researchable and interesting. A topic is what will determine what you write and if you get out of context then you will terribly fail. A hood topic should also be brief and able to captivate the eyes of the reader. You can formulate topics using essay writing service.


This is the first part of your essay. It should start by introducing the two or more subjects that you are going to compare. The language used here should be catchy so that it captivates the attention of the reader. The introduction should also be brief and the last line holds the thesis statement. Avoid visiting essay writing scams when creating an introduction.


This is now where you give the comparisons, research comes in handy here and if you did not read at then you may get a black out at this stage. Try to avoid mistakes that are petty such as repetitions. Use the appropriate vocabulary and besides that, always remember to follow the structure of a paragraph by using topic, supporting and concluding sentence.


There us nothing new that is written here other than recapping the main idea or summarising. This is the last shot that you are given to try and impress the reader therefore you have to ensure that you give it your best.