What is an evaluation essay: 8 essential writing directions

If you are asking the question what is an evaluation essay? It is similar to a review with the main purpose being to judge whether or not something is good or bad when it is compared to something else. If you have read a movie, book, product or restaurant review, you are familiar with this sort of writing. Evaluation papers can be funny or serious, sarcastic or earnest; it all depends on what you have been told to write about. There is a specific method you must use in order to write an effective evaluation essay. Here are 8 essential writing directions on how to write an evaluation essay.

  1. Choose a topic: You can select your own topic, and it can be something you have personally experienced. You should keep in mind that if you have a strong opinion about something, your paper will be more effective.
  2. Brainstorm your ideas: The main categories you should consider are: Places, experiences, products and performances.
  3. What is your criteria: This criteria will be used to judge your subject, what was it better or worse than?
  4. Turn your topic into an essay: Your evaluation of the product is your essay.
  5. Evaluation outline: Your outline will include your introduction, main body and your conclusion. Write bullet points detailing the information that you are going to include in your essay.
  6. Ideas for your introduction and conclusion: If your essay is focused on a restaurant, you can have a conversation about the food. Begin with what you were expecting and end with your actual experience. Discuss whether or not it met your expectations. Talk about the history and popularity of the restaurant. If it is a fast food restaurant, discuss the controversy concerning the link between obesity and fast food.
  7. Connect the introduction and the conclusion: In the introduction you can provide a vivid description of the subject. In the conclusion you can talk about what your audience should expect.
  8. Make it interesting: You don’t want to write a boring evaluation essay so make sure you are detailed in your descriptions, provide accurate information so that your reader gets a personal feel of what you are talking about.

Now that you have an idea of how to write an evaluation essay you can choose some evaluation essay topics and start practising. The more you practice the better you will become at writing them.