How to write a good introduction for an essay on cultural imperialism

Cultural imperialism is a controversial issue and one that has been debated for decades. It has a very broad definition, but in general it is the practice of enforcing the norms and values of one culture upon another culture with the belief that the culture being enforced is the more superior of the two. If you want to know how to write a good essay introduction on an essay on cultural imperialism follow these steps.

  • Use the first sentence to hook the reader
    You can use surprising facts, anecdotes, a phrase or a quote for the first sentence. The idea here is that you bring your reader into the essay so that they want to keep reading to find out what you are going to say next.
  • Provide information about your argument
    This does not have to be the exact contents of your main argument, but provide the reader with some context. It could be a few random facts or some historical background related to the topic. At this point, you are setting the tone of the essay at the same time as letting your professor know that you have conducted some extensive research on the subject.
  • Plan the structure of your essay
    Some people work backwards by writing the introduction last, this is not necessary if you plan the structure of your essay and know what you are going to be writing about before you start writing. You want to write a short and specific roadmap for your argument where you provide a general idea of the direction that you want your argument to go in.
  • A unique thesis
    The thesis is the most important part of your essay; it is the argument or point that you are making. Therefore, you need to remember that a good thesis is going to be specific, striking and something that you can prove. The thesis provides the reader with a reason to keep reading.
  • Wrap it up
    If you write your thesis as the last sentence, your transition is natural. If you decide not to write your thesis at the end of the introduction, you will need to wrap it up with one short transitional sentence that will take your reader straight into the next paragraph.

Final thought

This is how to write an essay introduction. Your introduction will make or break your entire essay; therefore, make sure that you spend time perfecting it. If any of you class mates ask you how to write an introduction for an essay? You can direct them to this article.