Picking up fresh critical thinking essay topics

A critical thinking essay can be fun and exciting to write. It is one of the only essays where you truly get to give your unadulterated opinion and if you are really passionate about the subject, this can be very liberating. This type of essay gives you a platform to voice your true opinion. Critical thinking essay topics can be difficult to come up with since there are so many different subjects that you can write about. If you are struggling to find a decent topic, here is a selection of 15 for you to choose from.

  1. How do men and women communicate differently? Highlight theories to back up your point of view.
  2. Choose a sport that has had issues with steroid or other drug use over the last 10 years. How has the use of drugs affected the way the game is played and its fan base?
  3. Discuss the issues of homelessness in your community. Describe some of the social situations that lead people to live on the streets.
  4. Why are obesity rates so high in the Western world, what are we doing that countries such as India and China are not?
  5. Discuss the graffiti and street art of the British born artist Bansky. Some people say that his artwork is destroying the streets of London where as others call it a stroke of genius.
  6. Discuss the issue of globalization, do you think it has had a positive or a negative effect on society.
  7. Discuss the role that the mass media has played in eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
  8. Transgender males and females, do people have the right to choose their own gender, discuss.
  9. How has the Latino culture influenced the American way of life?
  10. Are single parent families responsible for the rising crime rates in America? From your research are the majority of people in gangs from a single parent family?

Now that you have some subjects to choose from, decide which one interests you the most and start writing. Make sure that you follow the critical thinking essay format to ensure that you get the grades that you deserve. It is essential that you practise writing critical essays because every homework assignment will count towards your final grade. You should aim to write at least one essay a week in order to truly master the art of writing critical thinking essays.