Formatting An Essay In APA: General Guidelines

If you want to get top custom essays, you must make sure they are well formatted. No one can accept an essay when it does not have the right formatting. There are several methods you can choose. However in this case, you have been instructed to use APA. There are other methods commonly used in essay writing such as MLA and Harvard styles. A good writer will ensure that he or she reads the following information and employs the same when formatting a paper written in APA style.

The title page

The way you format your title page matters a lot. It is important to ensure your title page contains all the necessary information such as the writer’s name and that of the supervisor. Ensure you include the name of the institution and most importantly, your chosen topic and the date of submission. These should then be centrally aligned. This makes your work appear clean and orderly.

The spacing between words

When writing your essay UK, you have to make sure you employ the right spacing between words. This is basically the space that separates one from another within a sentence. With APA, it is supposed to be double spacing. Therefore, ensure there are two spaces left. British essay writers have perfect skills in essay writing. Most of their works can be found on a wide range of essay writing firms and sites. Once you download samples from these sites, you will be able to see how this formatting has been done.

Margin space

In APA, each paragraph needs to be distinct from the rest. You have to show people how well you can format the paper. If you do not know anything about this, simply go to the best essay writing service website and you will be able to access lots of these documents. You can then read them until you understand everything. In this case, you have to leave one inch from the left margin whenever you start crafting a new paragraph. Do not leave more than one inch space. Moreover, make sure that all the margin spaces are correctly aligned and are all one inch.

Choose the right font

When you check your computer, you will probably see lots of fonts. Among them, you only need to select one; this should be clearly visible and readable. No one should strain to see the words. Some of these have lots of decorations which are not required in crafting an APA paper. Look for those fonts which are more formal and use them. One such font is the Times New Romans which is frequently used. Another thing to keep in mind is consistency. You should not mix the fonts. Once you choose one, it should reflect in the entire paper. You will be penalized if more than one font is employed. You do not have to make such risks.

Font size

Your computer or laptop has all kinds of font sizes starting from the smallest to the largest. Although no one is restricting you here, you have to apply your common sense and get it right such that extreme fonts may not be reliable. Small fonts for instance may not be seen clearly while extremely bigger ones may occupy a large space. Simply select a font between size 11 or 12. This is perfect for essay writing.


How do you list your reference sources? This really matters a lot depending on the style you are using. You should look for samples written by essay writers cheap and understand each aspect that pertains formatting of the reference section.