This Is How I Write My Essay: A Manual For College Students

College used to be fun but made it even more fun was the part where we were asked to write UK essays. Whether you are in high school or college, always consider essay marks as free marks since it is not like you have been given a problem to solve but rather through expressing yourself you get to earn marks in which I believe that every sane person can. If you find it hard to craft one then you should approach one of your colleagues who is skilled so that he or she can help you and in no time you will find yourself enjoying it too. Here is how to get started.


In quality essay writing, I have to do thorough research using both primary sources such as books and secondary sources like the Internet. There is nothing that comes on a silver platter. You have to work hard. The importance of reading is so that you get the necessary points and not get stuck. The more you read the more interesting your essays UK will be. You can also peruse through samples of former students. Pick what vocabularies made them stand out and you can also use these to pimp your work. Note down what are the commonly made mistakes and make sure that you avoid them in your work.

Plan your work

There are various ways I would plan my work. One way is through creating an outline that would help me manage my work. I would also set aside a specific time for crafting my paper. Once you do that, stay diligent and no matter what make sure that you do not postpone your work since by piling it you will only be making things worse. An outline enables you to brainstorm and come up with the relevant points. This is the part where research comes in handy since no ideas will come to mind if you do not read at all. It also gives you a picture of how your essay will look like. A good plan can be copied from British essay writers.

Choose a topic

I always think of a topic as a steering wheel. It is what governs what you write. You choose a poor topic you end up writing poor work. There are major things that you should always consider before choosing a topic. First is it interesting? A boring topic will only make you lose the morale and this is where you get at some point and feel like you do not have the zeal to go on. You then decide to put away the work and as I said earlier, piling up work will make life hard for you. Therefore revisit your preferences and choose a title that marches them. Is it doable? Ad mentioned above, research using s key and you may not want to get to a sticky situation where you choose a topic and when you try to source for your information, you get totally nothing. What will you write then? This is where despair comes in and you may even hive up on writing. You can get a good topic from essay writing services.

Understand the structure

There are three main parts of your essay that is the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction captivates the mind of the reader. It also holds the thesis statement. The introduction should also give the marker an idea of what you are going to speak about. The body carries the main points. Each paragraph should carry its own specific point for the purposes of clarity .In the conclusion, you can either choose to summarize your points or recap the main idea. Citations can also be included here. Request for writing essay help if you get stuck.