Darryl Ohrt

Basically, he sold out. Back in 86, he used to say "punk rocker for life". Yeah, right. Family, house in the suburbs. I heard he even listens to dance music, now. You could blame it on a lot of things - but I'm pretty sure it comes down to his hair. Once the Mohawk went, the punk rocker left him, too. I'll bet he's even a republican, now. What a wanker. If I ever see him again, I'm gonna kick his ass."

- Dave "Voodoo" Sosbe, drummer of Darryl's old punk band


Title on his business card:

Special power:

Three songs on his iPod:
Gang of Four - To Hell with Poverty
Devo - Gut Feeling
Cold War Kids - Hang Me up to Dry

Most embarassing song on iPod:
Abba - SuperTrouper

Favorite shoes:
Pumas with the bright red stripe

punk rocker